- PROCAD is authorized by the National Agency of Cadastre and Real Estate Publicity to activate in the field of cadastre, geodesy and cartography.

- PROCAD is certified by the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority to survey the geographical positions ofaeronautical points in WGS-84 Geodetic Reference System.The company is authorized to perform design works of the road infrastructure (county roads, rural roads, local roads, streets and related civil engineering works). The company carried out its activity within the following departments:

1) Taking into possession for procuring the title deeds for agricultural and forestlands;
2) Real estate registrations of agricultural and forestry lands (title deeds);
3) Real estate registrations of civil and industrial constructions;
4) Land splits (partitioning), parceling of residential areas, logistics, storage, commerce, industry;
5) Land consolidations (joining);
6) Compartmentalizing and sub-compartmentalizing of real estate properties / constructions;
7) Temporary or final withdrawal of lands from agricultural use;
8) Changes of categories of lands' use (i.e. from grasslands into arable lands);
9) Identifications of cadastral and topographic numbers both on the field and in the site plan;
10) Substitutions of topographic numbers with cadastral numbers;
11) Specialty technical consultancy.